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Finding a job during COVID-19 series: Priscilla Lo, Assistant Brand Marketing Manager, THG

Updated: May 10, 2021

With COVID-19, MBA students may be wondering how realistic their goals are? Is it still possible to change careers? How long will it take me to find a job after my MBA? We interviewed those who have recently secured jobs to discover how the market for jobs for MBA graduates looks post COVID-19, asking them:

What they did to find a job during COVID-19 Their experiences of the market and hiring freezes How the pandemic shaped their post MBA job expectations

Name: Priscilla Lo

School: Warwick Business School

Graduated: September 2020

Role: Assistant Brand Marketing Manager

Company: THG

What were your plans before your MBA and how were they impacted by COVID-19?

There were so many reasons for choosing to do my MBA at Warwick and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was in the beauty industry for 4.5 years and wanted to switch to the luxury industry or retail consulting (especially in retail) to embrace more challenging tasks.

I didn’t really plan to stay in the UK when I studied the MBA here because I didn’t know whether I would like the environment, but in the end I fell in love with it and decided to stay!

Although my ideal goal was to switch to these industries, sadly, they were hit severely by the pandemic. Based on the fact that e-commerce was growing rigorously due to online shopping trends, I decided to look for marketing roles in e-commerce instead.

Did COVID-19 make your search harder?

Due to the furlough schemes, lots of companies froze headcount or started laying off. Every job I applied for I was competing with 100+ people which wasn’t ideal as a foreigner who never worked in the UK before.

To overcome this I paid close attention to any online event that could help me. Recruitment events, career fairs, networking events etc. Secondly, I worked closely with my career coach who had many valuable suggestions on my cv, cover letter and guidance for job hunting. The support from the career service was really beneficial during this kind of crisis.

At what point did you secure your role?

I attended a virtual career fair at Warwick University in October and booked a spot with THG for a 10minute talk. This was the main University careers fair so was targeted towards undergraduates, but that doesn't mean that postgrads can't attend (or that there won't be suitable roles or recruiters for them there).

THG is one of the biggest e-commerce companies and they also acquired several promising cosmetics brands in recent years. It was a great chat with the HR during the e-meeting because my background was actually a big match for the Asia team in the beauty division.

All of our interviews were online but with good efficiency and clear process.

What advice would you give to current MBAs job searching?

Be patient, explore any opportunities as much as possible and finally, seek support from others and also give them your support as well.

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