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The Modern MBA podcast playlists

MBA triple jump, MBA careers in consulting, tech, and finance, or more unusual industries like higher education or hospitality - whatever your interest, explore our playlists below  


For many MBA career changers, a triple jump is the most challenging goal. Hear our interviews with students who have tripled-jumped into post MBA jobs in consulting, fintech, entrepreneurship and more

Image by Victor Rodriguez
People Working in Open Office

MBA consulting jobs are one of the most competitive options post business school. Discover how students from sectors including engineering, hospitality, and the public sector made the switch

Computer Circuit Board

Looking for MBA jobs in technology? Discover how students from banking, TV, and family business backgrounds broke into this exciting sector

Luxury Red Purse

Always wanted a job in fashion or a luxury industry? Hear how these students used their MBAs to make it happen


Hear how MBAs in the finance sector are tackling the latest industry challenges

Military Humvee

Whether you're getting an MBA whilst in the military or looking at the best MBA programs for ex-military candidates, find advice and inspiration here

Running Event or Marathon

An increasingly popular option. Hear how MBAs working in not for profit organisations are shaping their careers


Is an MBA necessary for entrepreneurs? Find out what our interviewees think?

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

With MBAs in healthcare management becoming increasingly common, many students are choosing to explore healthcare and other clinical fields for their career. Listen to their experiences here.

Hotel Room

Considering a career change from hospitality? Learn how an MBA could help

University Students and Professor

Not ready to leave university life behind? Hear how MBAs are forging exciting careers in the higher education sector

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