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MBA Jobs & Interview Resources

Whether you're coming to the end of your MBA, trying to balance MBA job searching with classes, or just thinking about starting your journey, we know that the idea of launching your dream post-MBA career can be daunting. Below is a selection of resources that we have found useful for career inspiration, job searching, and interview preparation.

Anyone considering applying to consulting roles as an MBA will quickly become familiar with the feared case study interview. This site - and the accompanying book - are probably the best-known resources out there, with the website including resume tips, math practice, and advice for new consultants, as well as case study advice and videos from former McKinsey consultant Victor Cheng.

Making Notes

For those looking for work in the UK, Jooble has a selection of roles

School Application

Jobs, development programs, and events, specifically targetted at MBAs. Premium sign up is required for full access, but many business schools subscribe and offer their students access.

Stock Exchange Market

Online interviews were increasing in popularity even before COVID-19, but now you're more likely than ever to find yourself going through virtual rounds before sitting down face-to-face with an interviewer. Whilst we've all gotten used to Zoom calls over the past year, pre-recorded interviews (where you give your answers to the camera to be reviewed by an interviewer later) are also increasing, and can be surprisingly off-putting. Parlie provides an easy and effective way of practising these and reviewing your progress.

For more interviewing tips see our chat with the Founder of Parlie, Ben Grout

Video Conference

Focused on the U.S. market, this site enables MBA students and alumni to create a profile, search jobs, and connect with potential employers.

Image by Timon Studler

For those with experience in the consulting sector, Movemeon offers in-house roles with corporates and start-ups as well as consultancy positions.


UK tech roles with a strong focus on

start-ups. Swipe right on the jobs that interest you the most and apply quickly and easily through the app

Startup Room

This site focuses on the U.S. market, advertising positions specifically targeted at MBAs

Accountant at Work

As the name suggests, this site focuses on careers in the financial sector, and also produces regular articles and news updates

Job Interview

A UK-based job search portal. 

The site also publishes content including a recent article on

Trends in the UK Labour Market 2020/2021

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