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Career and Industry Information

Many people embark on an MBA knowing that they want a change, or what they don't want to do - but are unsure as to what their ideal role or industry might look like. Whilst an MBA gives you great access to industry insiders, balancing career research with classes and extra curricular activities can be time consuming, so we've put together a selection of interviews and 'insider views' below to help you out.

Fintech: What roles are available and how do I get in?

We sat down with a panel of Fintech industry insiders to get the latest information on industry trends and developments, which roles are growing and which are shrinking, and how open the industry is to career transitions

A Day in the Life of a Management Consultant

Interested in consulting but wondering what the work life balance firms talk about is really like? We  interviewed an anonymous group of post MBA consultants at different firms to find out what you can expect

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