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The MODERN MBA - Our Story

For many people an MBA is a route to a career change. Throughout the process we all face common challenges,  What industry and role is the best fit for me? How should I market my experience? What can I do during my course to give myself the best chance of getting the career I want?
Coming from less-represented industries themselves, founders Marie Kirwan and Kristen Rossi, realised that whilst those coming from the ‘traditional’ MBA backgrounds of finance, consultancy or large corporates have plenty of peers to compare experiences with, students from less traditional sectors or functions might find it harder to relate to some of the success stories they hear.  

The duo set out to create a community for MBAs coming from, going into, or merely considering career paths in less represented industries or functions with a place to find inspiration from MBAs who have been in their position. The Modern MBA does this through articles, interviews, podcasts and events in the hope that this insight will help MBAs find their niche with confidence.  
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Marie Kirwan

Marie Kirwan graduated from Warwick Business School’s full time MBA program with the class of 2019. With a background in product marketing and management in the financial services training and events sector, Marie’s last role prior to the MBA involved leading the launch of a new business division in Singapore, and she has lived and worked in four different countries in the past ten years. Post MBA she is currently engaged as a marketing and corporate development consultant for an award winning SaaS visual search technology firm.


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